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Hey Guys!!! I am sorry i was so busy lately and did not have time at all however I WANNA MAKE IT UP TO YOU GUYS!!! As usual if you are into cuckolding or just talking about lets say my girlfriend or share experience send me your kik username and I will kik you! HERE IS A NEW FEATURE… IF I WILL FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH YOU I WILL SEND YOU HER PICTURES AND ALSO HER KIK USERNAME SO YOU CAN TALK TO HER!!!THIS IS LEGIT NO FAKE COUPLE :) Dont wait and hit me up :)

BIG CHANCE … to talk to my gf :)

Alright guys!!!! I am trying to make a big step ! I need good looking guy white or black to send me their kik name !!! and if I will feel like it is okay and you are the right now I will give my girlfriends facebook or number so yall can chat her however there are some rules for more information give me your name and I will let you know !!!!

Hey Followers!!! This is one of the first pics my¬† girlfriend sent me in our relationships when she was younger!!! please if you want kik me or email me or message me !!! Send me your kik or email and I will be happy to reply you!!! also if you have any questions or something feel welcome to ask we are young naughty couple love to tease :) no fake

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